"HSB-hus" by Lars Lerin
In this time, where we know so much about the violence of the world, a creeping feeling of unrest and detachment is abound. News from the recent conflict area or catastrophe lurks in our consciousness whilst we switch to some soothing entertainment. We are at the same time aware and passive, left with the sometimes unbearable feeling of not being able to intervene - seeing it from a frustrating helicopter view.

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Don’t know why I see this, helicopter view.
TV screaming colours, children paralysed.
Entered from a window, focus camera clear.
Helicopter view.

Tickling mothers empty bed, breathing silently.
Colourful gas: beauty. Tear smile happy death.
Salt, tear lens is blurred, helicopter view.
Helicopter view.

Mirror reflect nothing, child eyes reflect dreams.
Mirror reflects child eyes. Nothing is reflected.

Sleepy eyes, little feet, tired lies,
cosy sheet. Eyelids closed, breathing still.
Princess sleeping. Creeping under door.
Helicopter view.

About the song
View is a song written many years ago. Originally composed somewhere in the late 1990s, this version was recorded somewhere around 2005 and has since then been mixed and re-mixed and modified. Henric has composed and plays the guitar, Martin has written the lyrics and sings.

Henric met Martina Forsgren when they were both studying political science at Karlstad University. She contributed  with her beautiful voice and we really appreciate the depth she adds to the song. Martina has since left moved to Gothenburg and sings in the indie pop band Pretties for you.  

Annasara Lundgren has composed and recorded the violin parts for the song and is a friend to Martin and Henric since many years ago. They originally met in their birth town Trolhättan thourgh mutual friends. Annasara's recordings can also be heard on coming songs. 

We also like to thank Robert Halvarsson who helped us finalize the mixing of the song with his sensitive mastering. 

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