This song is dedicated to Martins grandparents, the lyrics were rewritten for them when they died in a car accident in the end of the 1990s. It's a contemplation on death, and what keeps us alive despite it.

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I remember you now, all the pictures inside are sorting and I have come here to cry. I know you're just ash in the ground, and fragments and thoughts in my mind. By the stone at your head I remember you're dead, but I came here tonight to keep you alive. You only exist now trough me, and my internal chemistry. 
   I can still hear your laughter; I can still feel your palm. Forever and after I remember your calm. Of your beauty there is not a sound, but still to this place you are bound. Good-bye never seemed a good word. Forever you are in my world.

What is it about the graveyard that attracts me? Is it the beauty and order that lacks me - the inscriptions of love in stone; "Loved child, loved husband, loved friend", the ever so silent moan of death that never ends? 
I have walked upon the green grass where you lay now. I have sat by your stone and cried. I Know you are not the ash resting under the earth here, but still I feel a presence now of memories so near.

What is it about the graveyard... 
   Mourners put new flowers upon your bed now, and the mourningbirds sing in the trees. I stand up and clear my throat, and dry the tears from my sight. I see and feel your tender love, as I sing you back tonight.
   Bring you back tonight; the birds all sing along, and as I sing my song, I gaze over the graves and see that there is space for me and all my friends, where death never ends.

About the song
Graveyard is released in a bundle of "three old songs" - songs from the earlier stages of our development. Probably composed in early forms somewhere in the late 1990s, this version was recorded in the beginning of this millennium and has since then been mixed and re-mixed and modified. This version is mastered by Robert Halvarsson. Henric has composed and plays the guitar, Martin has written the lyrics and sings. Annasara Lundgren sings the choir parts.

Annasara Lundgren is a friend of Martin and Henric since many years ago. They originally met in their birth town Trollhättan through mutual friends. Annasara has studied violin at Malmö academy of music and is an active musician, collaborator and organizer of musical events. Most recently the chamber music club Krinolin

We also like to thank Robert Halvarsson who helped us finalize the mixing of the song with his sensitive mastering. 

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